What makes the best knuckle boom cranes?

A knuckle boom crane is one of the most useful cranes on the market. The boom system articulates between the main boom and the jib, which is very characteristic for the crane. The way the crane’s boom system folds is what makes it both compact and flexible. Because even if the size is considered compact for a crane, it comes with a good reach and great maneuverability.

One of the biggest advantages of the crane is its chassis space requirements. The crane does not take up as much space as you would see on many other types of cranes. This ensures that you have more space available on the truck body – which is very important as you can store and move bigger objects. In fact, the practical fitting of the crane behind the driver’s cab leaves enough space for large building supplies or other large objects. But, there are many reasons to why the knuckle boom cranes are so popular 


The design of a knuckle boom crane is very flexible//compact. The crane is rather easy to use and can adapt to many different situations as it has good reach and can carry heavy objects. Moreover, it can reach into tight spaces due to its slim design.

Lifting capacity:

Despite being considered very compact, the knuckle boom crane is very strong. Of course, there are different sizes available, ranging from small models to powerful cranes. But compared to its relative size, you will find that this kind of crane is not only sturdy, but very strong and durable. 


Given its practical construction and lifting capabilities, you can easily handle various types of objects and materials. As mentioned, the crane leaves free space on the truck body and only takes up a small amount of space either front-mounted right behind the driver’s cab or fitted at the rear of the truck. Additionally, you will find a great selection of accessories, power tools and personnel baskets available as well. In short, you will be able to use this kind of crane for a wide array of tasks. 

No hassle with maintenance: 

It is not many years ago that the knuckle boom crane was criticized for the higher power demand and increased maintenance requirements due to the high number of moving parts. However, this is not a real concern nowadays as modern extension systems and new technology provide less wear and tear due to self-lubricating parts and much more. The concerns of difficult maintenance requirements are a thing of the past.