How To Delete Facebook Timeline

Nowadays everyone’s using Facebook and they spend lots of time online chatting or browsing or playing games. Facebook’s new timeline is making many heads turn since one can set up a cover photo or make their account look more attractive. Though the timeline is cooler and attractive than the previous one, many of the people seem to miss how the previous profiles used to look like. Some people even started to think that the new timeline is boring. One can now delete facebook timeline in some ways. Now let’s discuss how to do it.

The Timeline Remove – A Cool Add-On:

There is a web browser add-on called Timeline Remove which can delete facebook timeline temporarily. But this add-on works in our page. When a person who doesn’t use this add-on opens your profile, they will see it with the new timeline effect. One can use the Timeline Remove on Firefox and also Chrome browsers. Developers are still working on it to make it work on Safari and Internet Explorer.

This Timeline Remove makes us view our profile in the previous layout but anyone can view our profile in timeline effect with no changes. Hence this add-on is useful when the users don’t want to see their profiles with timeline. Timeline has a big cover photo, shows data based one the year statistics and lots more which people don’t want others to see or show to others. In that case, this Timeline Remove is not much useful.

Disabling Timeline Using FB Purity:

One can disable the timeline according to the steps we will be discussing below. One can read the pages generally in a single column format in the Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera web browsers. When one wants to disable timeline when they are working in Internet Explorer, they can install one of the previous browsers as it’s easier to work with. The steps are very easy and simple and its explained as follows,

  • One has to first install F.B. Purity browser extension because it also does a part while we disable the timeline in our browsers.
  • Now FB Purity is installed. After this, when one visits Facebook, one can see a green “TL” which is present in the top of the page near the search box. It looks like shown below.

In our browser, one must click the icon “TL” and then the timeline will be disabled by the FB Purity.

  • After removing the timeline, when we visit any page, the data will be present in a single column layout which is similar to the old style.
  • Sometimes if u feel like you want the timeline back in the layout of two columns, you can get it back easily. One has to just click the icon “TL”. It will be marked with a red cross through it which is present at the top right corner of the window. After doing this, one can find that the timeline is restored as it used to be.

These are the basic steps one can follow for disabling the timeline in Facebook.
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Other Methods For Removing Timeline And For Different Browsers:

Recently many methods are present to remove the Facebook timeline but it takes a lot of steps while disabling them. Also we can notice that we can’t use the same steps for all browsers and it tends to change. Hence let’s discuss some methods which can be used to remove the timeline.

The Easiest Method:

One can use the browser Internet Explorer 7 because the timeline is not supported in this browser. Hence when one opens Facebook in this browser, they can view their accounts and other accounts in the old single column format. For the other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera, one can mimic their browser string as Internet Explorer 7 and they can even fool Facebook like they are still using or working on Internet Explorer 7. One can also fool Facebook by using some of the tricks. The user agent string for IE7 is discussed below.

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0;)

  • For the users of Firefox: One has to install the User Agent Switcher add-on and they must follow the instructions given in that link. Hence a new IE7 user agent will be added to the add-on and anyone can use this user agent while they are using Facebook.

  • For the users of Google Chrome: One has to create a new shortcut for Chrome and they must name it as Facebook or something else. After doing this, the shortcut must be edited and one must add -user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0;)” to it. After finishing this, when one wants to browse Facebook, they can use this shortcut itself to see the Facebook without the effect of timeline.

  • For the users of Safari: In Safari, one must enable develop mode by choosing Preference -> Advanced and then one must select the checkbox next to “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. After doing this, one must choose “User Agent” sub-menu from the Develop menu and then one must select “Internet Explorer 7.0” from the options available there.

  • For the users of Internet Explorer: when one uses the Internet Explorer, the timeline already does not appear. Even if it appears, one can use the IE add-on pack called the UA Pick. One can find the instructions for changing the user agent in IE in the internet.

  • For the users of Opera: It’s slightly tougher for the users of the Opera to do this because it will be difficult to modify the Opera configuration data. So it’s better to use the Internet Explorer in all the cases as it’s easier.

Hence these are the steps that we can use to remove or delete facebook timeline. Sometimes even people are irritated seeing it the new way. The information will be available based on the years and they tend to feel that the previous layout was easier and more fun though it was simple. Hence we can use these steps to disable timeline. Everyone can have fun learning these steps.
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