Google Glasses

Google Glasses – Dream Come True:

What if all the good features of the smartphones are brought in front of our own eyes in the form of glasses? Yes, it would be really interesting to access data that way. Sergey Brian, the co-founder of Google had guessed that one can create “Glass” wearable computers and now it’s like a dream to hear that Google is preparing Google glasses to directly send information in front of the user’s eyes in real time. It was just a creative thought but this technology will make people more comfortable in using these glasses.

It’s like doing all the work of smartphones through glasses which acts like a monitor. Google is going to sell glasses that will show us new information, provides us with entertainment and other interesting and exquisite work. These glasses are supposed to allow the user to send messages, e-mails, browse the internet without even using our finger. These glasses are supposed to be launched by Google at the end of this year. It can do any work from searching or browsing through the internet to searching in maps which can all be done in front of our own eyes.

Basic Features:

It is heard that the ‘mouse’ of these glasses can be used by just tilting our head and the navigation can be done. And if the user wants to make phone calls, these glasses are supposed to come with a built-in microphone. The glasses are supposed to have GPS and many other sensors to get information about their surroundings. It may also need a 3G or a 4G internet connection. It will be really useful to use these glasses as they have lots of useful features and are comfortable and handy to use. The Google glasses with the help of a data connection can easily search or browse through the web and provide us information in front of our eyes.

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Google Products:

Other products of Google like Google Maps, Google Latitudes, and Google Goggles are integrated with this product. Google Maps maybe used to search the places located nearby and is very accurate and Google latitude helps us to share our locations with our friends. Google Goggles helps us to see what image it is looking into and to find a specific image. Hence Google Glasses are integrated with many Google products and hence very useful to us. These Google Glasses also have a camera in them and also have inputs and outputs for audio.

Working Of Google Glasses:

These glasses work in such a way that when a person looks at a monument, he can be able to see about the historical information about that site and he may also be able to see each and every comments made by his friends about that monument. When a person turns and sees the world and its surroundings, the information keeps on changing in the Google glasses according to the person’s surroundings based on Google Goggles, Google Maps or even Google Latitudes. Hence it’s like viewing the world in a different way with our own glasses. It’s cooler than the normal glasses. Even games can be played with these glasses combining with virtual reality in which the person feels like he is playing in the real world. Hence these glasses are supposed to combine both the present reality and the virtual reality.

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According to the information that we have got, one need not wear the glasses always. But mostly, people would want to use the Google Glasses because it will be very addictive to use. Just like a smartphone, one can use the glasses whenever needed or whenever they want to check information. In future, these glasses will pretty sure raise more interest in people. Even the facial recognition is tried in these glasses and they are still working on it to make it more accurate. If they are more accurate when they are released, then the glasses itself can recognize the person standing before us in a party or any place. It can also give information about them if it recognises them correctly. Even in virtual games, face recognition can be used through these Google Glasses.

These glasses are supposed to be sold at $250 to $600 ranging at the cost of smartphones. They are supposed to be having Android software just like the software used in the normal android phones and are supposed to give real time data about the surroundings of his environment, just like some applications seen in smart phones.

These glasses are the same size as normal glasses and do not weigh more. But they are capable of doing things to the extreme. The processors or batteries will be present in the left end or right end based on our usage. In the front of our Google glasses, in the top right or left based on how we view it, a small camera is present and a small glass looking box which is the display that we see. Hence it is provided with a camera, microphone and a speaker technology so that it can be used when it is connected to the internet. In the glasses, the display has a mini screen that shows the text messages that one receives, and even the mails or any other digitized data.

Project Glass:

Project Glass is a project being done in one of the Google X offices which is located in Google’s main Mountain View, California, where there are a lot of engineers who work on creating new robots and other creative stuffs like space elevators. Hence these glasses are supposed to be a big turn in people’s lives. Nowadays people use mobile phones which were not used ten years ago. In future, people may find using this Google Glasses more comfortable and may reduce using mobile phones. Hence this technology is considered to be a big achievement and is actually a big breakthrough in the technology. These glasses will surely get a lot of popularity in future years.

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