Android Mobile and its Applications that may help us

The most common device that everyone has these days irrespective of age is a cell phone. With thousands of models available, everyone can pick and choose as per their taste. The touchscreen phone is ruling the industry over the keypad phones due to its amazing features.

Android is one among the very famous and most used software. It is also your personal computer since it almost does everything that your system does but on a smaller screen, in addition to making and receiving calls.

Today, we will talk about the impact of Android phones and its applications on our daily routine. First, we need to know what features are offered on these Android phones and then about what we need to consider while choosing the best applications for our daily use.


One such Android operating system is the Android 8.1 Oreo, which is the latest version of Android competing against the iOS devices.

What are the features of Android that give it an edge over the Apple devices? Let’s have a look:

  • Multiple Keyboards – Easy to install and switch keyboards whenever necessary.
  • Infrared Remote – With an application installed, you could use your phone as a remote for any electronic device.
  • Wave Control – With just gestures, you could control your phone. No need to even touch your screen which is very helpful when you are driving.
  • Wireless Application downloads – With an additional application installed on your phone, you could easily sync new apps downloaded in your system to your phone without connecting it to the system.
  • Widgets – Helps you customize what you need on your main screen, weather, reminders, daily planner as per your requirement.
  • ROMs – An open source operating system that has made developers to customize the operating system as per their need. Developers can build own versions which can replace the current operating system on your phone. Easy to download and install.
  • Storage – The memory is either fixed or expandable depending on the device. You also have an option to use the cloud storage to store your data as back up.

android rooted apps

These features are only available on an Android device. With artificial intelligence getting smarter day by day; the more responsive AI has been coded to make the user experience human-like, which is taking over the customer service department slowly but surely.

You could talk to the AI to get what you need on your device. Unable to find a song? Push to talk will find it for you. Unable to find a photo? AI will search it for you if you provide the right criteria.

Applications have been developed for shopping groceries to even buying expensive vehicles. Daily routine has been completely transformed due to applications being developed for every purpose. Here are some android rooted apps

Videos and Photos shot at special moments are your precious memories; hence, I would strongly recommend a backup of your photos on your personal system or even on cloud storage.

Final Thoughts

Every Android user knows the benefits of the smartphone well enough.

You could install any application on your phone which is useful to you, but ensure that the application is easy to use, feature-rich and has a user-friendly interface.

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